20 February 2011

Our neighbors have been residence this last week.  They have had visitors from Lima, Germany and from South Africa.  It has been an interesting mix.  School begins on the first of March, so they will all head home in another week or so.  Georg and Natalie’s pre-teen son found and caught a coral snake and took it home as a pet.  When asked if he knew of the danger, he said he was careful when he caught it.  Natalie told Doug the snake wouldn’t be there when Maties returned from the beach!

We have contracted with our Peruvian electrician to make a converter box which we need to make the solar panels function.  He will have it made in Chiclayo, and then install it on Thursday.  Hopefully.  After our last attempt to have it up and running, we are crossing our fingers and hoping for the best.

I have finished close to three-quarters of the blue moon quilting.  Hopefully I will have it finished in another week or so.  We are having company in the next two weeks, so that may or may not happen…we’ll see.  I am also a yard short of finishing the hammock on the loom.  I am certain that when it comes off the loom, there will be some fixes needing to be made.  Hopefully we will have another hammock in the next two weeks.

I’ve made plans to visit the US in May.  I will travel to Denver to celebrate birthdays with my sisters.  Martha and I have birthdays at the end of April and my sister Do has a birthday in May.  Then I will travel on to Chicago to celebrate my daughter’s graduation from her masters program in art therapy.  My son, Blaine, will be in Alaska working with his father at the cannery in Cordova, so I won’t be traveling to Oregon.  I will not only miss him, but many friends in Oregon on this trip.



  1. Ahhh, bummed that we won’t see you, but happy for your trip. It should be great fun spending time with your sisters and Mandy. What does she plan to do when she is finished with her Master’s? Is she still doing the art therapy? She has certainly had quite the winter, weather-wise.

    1. Mandy is hoping to get a job in the art therapy field. She has an application in for a job in Boston. She has also been put on the “hire” list for the Chicago juvenile courts; this depends upon funding…which doesn’t look too promising. Time will tell. Meanwhile she is still working for the juvenile court and loving every minute of it. It seems she has found her niche. Hopefully she can find a spot!

      1. Art and kids – the only other thing that she could add to that as her “love”, is animals! I’m so happy things are working out for her. Wish there was something out here for her, but, of course, she has to look farther away, rather than closer. Funding has become a BIG deal here for everything. WLWV has 15 furlough days for the staff this year – 15 unpaid, no school days! WOW!

      2. I think Mandy would go anywhere there is a job. The biggest problem is funding….states and court systems are so strapped, there is no funding to add someone. I think she will hang in there and hopefully something will come up for her. She is open to any new opportunity; she doesn’t really care where it is. Thanks so much for your comments. It makes me feel like we have a connection. The only thing I miss about living here, are the people we know so well in Oregon. Love you muchly., K

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