Memorial; kittens would have been better.

Chairman Meow; July 2010-February 16, 2011.

When we picked her up at the vet this morning, she was semi-comatose.  The vet told me she was fine and this was normal.  He had given her drugs to prevent infection and for the pain.  We brought her home and laid her out on our bed.  She died a couple hours later.

Chairman would  aascoot under the stairs to attack our feet as we came down the steps.  She was such a playful kitten.  I found a feather on the beach and brought it back for her.  She entertained her self for hours on end with that feather.  She loved to get up in my business when I was weaving…. everyone of my weavings during her life will have her fur embedded in to it as she loved to curl up and sleep amongst the fibers on the loom.  She was not a cuddler, but she did let me hold her for upwards of an hour after we arrived at the vet and she was released from the pillow case.  She was a great kitty.  I will miss her and her mischievious (SP?) character.  She brought us both a lot of laughter.  She will be missed.



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