13 February 2011

Once again, we have been blessed with meeting good people.  Several months ago, our friend Carrie took a whale watching tour olong the coast.  She went with a couple that were staying at Samana Chakra, a hotel in Mancora where Carrie taught yoga.  While they were on their boat tour, they went past our home and Angela took a picture of our house.  She later sent it to Carrie who then forwarded it on to me.  The picture provided a prospective from the water, which we had not seen before.  We sent it on to our architect, who wanted to use it to promote his business.

Angela and her husband, Jose, are now back in Mancora and wrote to see if we could get together.  They came out to our house this morning and stayed through an afternoon meal.  Jim and Danielle were here as well.  We had a great afternoon visiting and sharing stories.  Angela spoke fluent English and Jose’s English was quite good.  When I firt met him, I told him my Spanish was about as good as his English.  By the end of the afternoon, I needed to revise that statement….his English was much better than my Spanish!

Both Angela and Jose are fashion designers.  Angela has worked with various stores as their buyer and has traveled to China, India and other countries buying clothes for stores here in Peru.  Jose is more into the designing and has had extensive training in making fabrics as wellas design.  He told us about some of the cotton found in Peru.  Generally, what is widely found is a cream colored cotton that is produced.  The highesst quality of cotton is the Pima cotton.  However, other native cotton plants have been discovered that have a color other than the cream color.  Wild cotton comes in red brick, green and a gold color.  The locals in this area have harvested, and refined these fibers for their own use.  One entrepenure has developed this local  industry into a much more global enterprise.  These cotton fibers are well sought after and the local economy has benefited from the production of the cotton. 

I was excited to make some Peruvian contacts in the field of fibers.  I am always looking for new sources of yarns.  I have generally found alpaca, wool and even rabbit fibers available in vrious shops in and around Lima.  Cotton has been a bit more difficult to come by.  Jose had several suggestions and told me when I came to Lima he would take me to some shops that had cotton fibers on cones for weaving.  He also knew of a location where I could buy fabrics suitable for quilting in Lima.

I am amazed.  The people we meet here open up so many avenues of opportunity for us. 

Angela and Jose
Next Tuesday, we have the electrician coming out to hook up the solar system.  Jim and Doug have been working many hours to get it ready….so hopefully, the electrician will be able to hook us up with no great problems.  I am really looking forward to this.  First of all, we will no longer have to buy 8 gallons of diesel a day to run the generator for electricity.  Second of all, we will have electricity outside of the 9 am to 9 pm hours which the generator runs.  So, when I am awake at the unGodly hours between 4 and 6, I will have some electricity to use!
We are finally reaching the point we wanted to get to at the outset.  We will be independent of the electric grid; we will be able to produce the amount of electicity we need to live off using solar panels.  Our sole dependence will be water, which must be trucked in as needed. 


  1. I had no idea that cotton came in all those colors! Amazing – and such a fun connection for you! Did you show them your quilt? I’ll bet they love all the artistry in your home (ie mural, weavings.) Now Doug needs to take up pottery. Woodworking wouldn’t be advisable with the lack of wood – clay though, should be in abundance. I remember all the cool Peruvian pots.

    I didn’t get a chance to respond to your story about the figure you saw in the middle of the night…got my heart racing as I started scanning to see what happened. What a relief. Maybe your next endeavor should be mystery or suspense writing. You had me going on that one! After your stories on murders in the area, even though you have security, dark figures crouching on your property is scary.

    I was hoping you had posted the picture Angela took from the water of your property. That would be fun to see. I’ll bet your architect loves it – great advertising. Looking forward to hearing the solar panels are hooked up and working well. Hugs to you guys!

  2. I wrote the above comment an hour or so ago and it wouldn’t post – so I copied it and, when I was able to get on again, I pasted it! Boo and Yay to technology! I have lost other nice long notes to you so didn’t want to have it happen again! =)

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