11 February 2011

Woohoo, I am now halfway through quilting the Blue Moon quilt.  I have found it difficult to stitch straight lines and to keep an even stitch length.  I have taken out some of the worst screw-ups, but don’t have the patience to slow down to a crawl to improve accuracy….and I’m not convinced that slowing down would eliminate the inconsistencies.  I’m hoping experience will work these out.

It seems water is now flowing into Talara again.  We had one truck deliver water earlier in the week and it came from Talara.  We called our regular water guy and he is delivering water tonight.  He didn’t mention any increase in price which would be expected if he had to haul it from further afield. 

My typical sleeping patterrn is to sleep until 3:30 of 4:00 in the morning and being awake until 6 or 7.   Last night as I was laying in bed, awake, and wondering what I could do in the next few hours, I saw movement outside of our bedroom by the bungalows.  As I watched, this person, he sat down on his haunches and stayed very still.   I couldn’t figure out what he was doing…and a minute or so later, he moved a couple meters to the side, and sat down on his haunches again.  I woke Doug up to tell him someone was outside; this was at 3:45 am.  Doug got up and got dressed; grabbed a flashlight and began watching out the window.  Once again, this person got up, moved a couple of meters, and hunched back down.  Doug shone the flashlight out the window at the man.  He turned around with a very surprised face and shone his flashlight back at Doug.  We shortly realized it was Sanchez.  Doug went out to see what was up.  Sanchez had gotten up early to water our plants.  Georg and his family and friends were up above in their vacation home, and Sanchez has been kept quite busy with his work there. 

Sanchez had told us he planned on maintaining our garden and the pool even though Georg was here.  We had told him to do what he could, but we knew he was going to be busy.  Now that’s a dedicated worker.  We told him to sleep; we would take care of the pool and watering!


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  1. hola Karen y Douglas, espero que esten muy bien, las fotos estan muy lindas, les mando muchos saludos, mañana Domingo viajamos con Eli a Guatemala, para dar mis examenes, Cuidense mucho, espero verlos pronto,

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