8 February 2011

I have now finished 1/4 of the blue moon quilt.  It seems to get larger all the time!   It has been somewat frustrating as what I have in my mind isn’t becoming reality.  It is really difficult to make straight lines and even stitch length while quilting free-handed.  So, what I end up with isn’t what my mind wants it to look like.  I sure hope it gets better with experience!

I’ve also made good progress on the hammock on the loom.  I don’t actually know how far I’ve gone, but I figure it has been at least a couple of feet.

Our neighbor, Paco, has visited the last three nights.  His family is building a hotel just to the north of us.  The networking has been a positive thing.  Paco is a really nice young man; he has offerred to help cook, clean up and otherwise help out during our parties.  His Mom is from Brooklyn NY; his Dad is Peruvian.  Paco speaks excellent English so is easy to converse with.  He is also teaching English in the village of El Nuro five days a week.  A good kid.

Jim and Doug spent some more time with the solar system.  It is now ready for the electrician to hook it up to the house.  Oure electrician is supposed to arrive Tuesday morning…..so hopefully we will be hooked up to the solar system Tuesday and will no longer have to buy so much diesel for the generator. WooHoo!!!


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  1. It’s Tuesday night….hope that means you are hooked up and running. I can imagine that quilting freehand would be a little hard to do = especially on such a large piece. I wonder how other people do it. I was going to ask if you HAD to do it freehand – then back tracked and erased. I know you well enough to know that you have investigated every possible way and this is the best way, using your machine. Maybe you should reinstate the quilting bees and everyone who comes to a party at your house has to quilt a small section. Then, they could sign that section – better than a guest book! lol! I’m actually sure it is going to beautiful just the way you are doing it. We won’t say a thing about being a perfectionist, will we??? Looking forward to seeing picture when it is done.

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