The day after Super Bowl Sunday!

Elizabeth and Justin
Neighbor Paco and Jim
Go Green Bay!
Our friend, and x-landlord Jay
Danielle with her Green Bay Packer pom pom

I have not ever been a huge footbal fan.  My father watched it when I was young, and my husband has watched on occasion, but Super Bowl was never a big deal.  However, in Peru, with one of the few TV’s among our friends, it became  a big deal.  Go figure, I move to Peru and host my very first Super Bowl party!  It was great.  Danielle made pizza and we had all the chips and dips guys could want.

Jim, Danielle, Jay and Doug watching the game…

We had a great afternoon around the pool, and then around the TV.  Danielle made pizza and we had lots to snack on; chicken wings, guacamole, tequenos, chips….  I have a lot of left overs in the fridge.  It was so nice that I didn’t have to do any clean-up.  My guests cleaned up the kitchen and living room before leaving for the night.  Jima and Danielle stayed in our bungalow for the night.

Water will be the next big global issue.  I truly believe this.  In the last few weeks, our water supply became unavailable.   Our water usually comes out of Talara, a town about an hour away.  Generally we can call for a truck to deliver a cistern of potable water which will cost us between 300 and 400 soles (about $100).  However, the water has not been readily available in Talara, as farmers between Piura and  Talara have been syphoning water off for irrigation.  We take water for granted….but it is a precious commodity here.  There is no well to provide sweet water.  All of our water comes by truck; it fills our cistern and then our pool.  I truly appreciate the luxury the pool provides for us.  It probably contains enough water to supply the entire village of El Nuro for a month, if not more.

I talked with Whirlpool today.  We bought a washing machine in Lima a little bit less than a year ago.  When it arrived and was unpacked, it was  evident that it had fallen off the truck somewhere along the way.  We have been pressuring Koky to rectify the problem as the shipment was sent to Chiclayo; then put on a transport to El Nuro.  Koky did not inspect the shipment when it arrived in Chiclayo, so we don’t know where or when the damage occurred.  No one wanted to assume responsibility.  I finally took the machine to a local repairman, hoping he could get it functional even if it looked like it had been in a tumbler.  The repairman did what he could, but the dispenser system was shattered beyond repair.  Today, I talked with Whirlpool in the states and got a hold of the parts list.  I now know what parts we need to make the machine functional.  I’ve asked Koky to order the parts…..hopefully we can get them here and get the machine up and running.  Juana won’t know what to do with it, but she will quickly learn. 

Jorge, the electrician, is slated to arrive on Tuesday of next week to hook up our solar system!  Woo Hoo!  Even though the system is not 100%, we will be able to run it for electricity.  The generator will be used only for recirculation of the pool.  This will save us big bucks as we will no longer need 6 gallons of diesel every day.  Eventually, we will get the solar system up and running 100% correctly….but this may be in June before we have everything we need to accomplish this.

I am at least a third of the way through the quilting process on the blue moon quilt.  A little bit each day.  Poco a poco.

I have also been making good progress on the hammock on the loom.  It has been somewhat of a challenge to keep the layers separate; but for the most part it is working out very well.


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  1. Sounds like Doug needs to begin working on a desalinization system that will provide water for you via the ocean. You are probably right about lack of water being a huge global issue in the future. I’m sorry it is affecting you now.

    Your pictures of the party are fun. Did you think about Patrick Gannon while you were watching the game? He’s from Wisconsin and a HUGE cheesehead. He was pretty excited about the win. His family gave him a trip to a game this year because of work he did on a family reunion. He knows all the facts and figures on the team. A friend of Andrea’s was in two of the commercials, so that was fun for us. He was the logger that ate the Snickers – not the whiner, the one he turned into.

    Teaching tomorrow, so I’d better head to bed. Thanks for sharing the pictures!

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