5 February 2011

Geraniums and Jade plants

My good friend Danielle brought me some geraniums and a jade plant.  When she and Jim arrived in Peru this year, they spent a couple of days in Lima before traveling north.  Danielle  pinched off starts of these plants while there.  She brought them back to her house in Vichayito  and planted them with the hopes of propagating more plants.  She said she had killed a few and couldn’t figure out why.  They didn’t seem to be doing well for her, so she brought them to me.  Little did she know I am famous for killing plants!  I set them aside with the hopes that Sanchez will find a good spot for them. 

There is one area of the garden I thought they might do well.  Outside of the second bungalow is a triangle of dirt.  My thought was to cut sections of bamboo and stand them up on end to fill the triangle.  The pieces of bamboo could then be filled with good dirt, and these flowers planted within the bamboo stalks.  So far, I only have a few sections of bamboo cut and in place….I need to get into gear to work on this project as well.

I have continued to work on the blue moon quilt.  It seems to get bigger everytime I sit down to work on it!  I think by tomorrow evening, I should finish a bit more than one  quarter of the quilt.  I’m quite amazed at how well my machine has managed to work such a large project.  Little by little; poco a poco.

I also continue on weaving the hammock on the loom.  It is pretty slick how this pattern allows you to weave two layers at a time.  When I cut it off the loom, it will be twice the width it appears on the loom.  I’m so amazed at someone’s ingenuity!

Tomorrow is the Super Bowl game.  We will have several people here for the game.  Danielle is making pizza; Paco (neighbor) will bring guacamole and chips, our friend Jay will bring his famous chicken wings, and I plan on an apple crisp.  I’ve never been involved in a big Super Bowl party; how strange to come to Peru and find myself the host of a party!  There has already been some friendly  betting going on!

Doug and Jim have everything ready for the electrician to hook up the

solar panels                                                                          battery room

solar system; woohoo!!  They didn’t have everything they needed to make the system run 100% correctly,  but they have made it functional.  The pieces we are missing are those that allow us to monitor the level of charge in the batteries, and the ability for the generator to charge the batteries as well as the solar panels.  More than likely, when I come stateside in May, I will pick up the parts necessary for these functions and bring them back.  Jim and Doug have been dialoguing with the company that  designed the system.  Hopefully they will come to some kind of agreement as to who is responsible for what; who takes responsibility for not asking the right questions.   Anyway, we have the electrician scheduled to come on Thursday to hook up the solar system to the house.  Finally, we won’t be pouring diesel into the generator to provide electricity every single day.  We’ve been running on about 6 gallons of diesel a day.

Doug says the word on the street is that we are good people and not to mess with us.  I don’t know how he knows this; he just says different people have told him this.  We are still looking into hiring an armed guard during the night.  It looks like the neighborhood may go together to hire two or three guards who would be in radio contact with each other throughout the area.  It is definitely a different world we live in down here.



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