30th January 2011




Today was a full day with guests.  Juan Pablo, right in the photo on the left is a local doctor in Los Organos.  He and his staff (the three women in the background of the photo on the left) arrived for lunch.  Juan Pablo also brought friends of his from Talara.  Eddie, an anesthesiologist, his wife, Sarah, and their daughter, Ellie, a dermatologist.  The “girls” from the clinic made lunch; ceviche. 

Afterwards we spent a few hours around and in the pool.  We truly enjoyed everyone.  We’ve been very fortunate to meet such great people.

I also got brave enough to start quilting the bedspread for the Blue Moon bungalow.  After basting the layers together and realizing how large it was, I folded it up and it has been sitting on the counter for a couple of weeks.  I realize now that part of why I don’t finish some projects is because I come to a point of difficulty….in this case how to fit this enormous spread in the machine so I can still stitch.  Other times I get to a point where something doesn’t work out or my expectations aren’t met, so I no longer like what is happening with it.  So these projects get set aside and, most times, I don’t ever return to them.  Since being in Peru, I have tried to weed out my projects; move ahead with those I want to finish and dismantle those that I’m not going to finish.

Fortunately, I don’t think the Blue Moon quilt will end up in the dismantled category.  I still have a lot left to quilt, and not all of it is basted together.  But, so far, the machine quilting is going well.  It’s really hard to maintain equal stitch length with free form stitching (without the feed dogs).  But, overall, and given this as a first truly large piece-work quilt, it’s not bad. 

Doug and our friend, Jim, have been working on installing the solar system.  Problems have arisen; naturally!  The major problem is the system sent to us was for 110V rather than the 220V you find here in Peru.  The first fix for this was a converter which Doug picked up while he was in the states over the Christmas holidays.  However, the problems go a bit deeper.  There is no mechanism to monitor the batteries to know how much of a charge they have or don’t have.  Another component that is missing is the ability to use either the solar power or generator power; or to use the generator to help charge up solar batteries.  Doug and Jim have been researching and discussing all this and will be negotiating with the provider for a solution.  Doug and Jim can make the system work as we have it; but it won’t work right.   We’re hoping not to have paid a lot of money for a system that functions, but doesn’t do what we had intended it to do.



  1. Busy, Busy, Busy! Keeps you out of mischief Karen. I glad to see that most things are going well, minus the solar sustem & the robbery down the road. The solar system will keep Doug out of mischief for a while too. I hope the obstacles can be overcome.
    Miss you both! Have a great day. – bruce

  2. Once Doug and Jim get the problems all figured out with the solar system, tell them to get a patent! Others might as well benefit from their hard work and expertise.

    Your quilt: now you know why they had the big quilt forms and the quilting bees in the “olden days”. If you run into trouble again with the quilting on your machine, build yourself a form and have all your guests come and eat, swim, and quilt! They could all have a share in your quilt work! =) (I have no doubt you have solved the problem with your machine…just had a “visual” of “Karen’s Kwilting Korner” as the weekly event to get invited to! Can’t wait to see the picture of the finished product.

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