29th of January

Today we said goodbye to our friends Gary and Silvia.  They are heading back to Lima to await the arrival of their baby.  They were happy with the Disney quilt I made for them.  We’ve enjoyed their company and will surely miss them.

I’ve started a new weaving project.  I want to make a hammock.  The initial problem was the weaving width on my loom wouldn’t allow a very wide fabric.  However, one of the recent Handweaver’s magazines had several articles about doubleweaving; weaving a heavy fabric interlacing two layers and weaving a fabric twice the width.  It took me some time to wrap my mind around how that would work.  Once I put the fibers on the loom though, it made sense.  So far I have about 3 inches of 12 feet done.

I’ve found that I like having a couple of projects going at one time.  Doug and I usually watch TV in the evening, so I spend that time on the loom.  My sewing projects are being worked in the dining room, so I work up there during the days.  One of these days, when the solar panels are up, I can move my sewing into that room and free up half the kitchen and dining room from my occupation.

We were told about another armed robbery in El Nuro.  This time masked and armed men held up the garbage truck at about one a.m.  The robbery occurred on the road out to our place….about 3 kilometers away.  This is getting pretty close to home.  Obviously, we are by far richer than the average resident of El Nuro.  I think this may make us a target.  For the first time since we’ve moved in, I’ve felt vulnerable.  Last night we approached a security company about providing an armed security guard throughout the night.  Sanchez has always provided security and we haven’t had any issues with what he does.  It’s the “armed” part that come to the forefront.  It’s a battle in my mind; on the one hand, I think if you are armed, you are willing to shoot.  I certainly don’t want this to happen.  But on the other hand, I don’t want to be robbed at gun point.  I guess what I am hoping is the fact that we have an armed guard will discourage any thief.  We should get the details of the security guard tonight.

Since I finished the Disney quilt, I thought I should return to the Blue Moon quilt….I think it has been set aside because it is soooo big I couldn’t quite imagine quilting with the machine.  As it turned out, I rolled one side and managed to quilt some of the squares in the middle of the quilt.

I am still amazed at how BIG a quilt this is.  I’m glad I took the plunge and figured if I didn’t go for it, it would sit on the kitchen ounter forever!  It actually worked to roll up one side to access the middle.  but, OMG, there is a lot of work to go!


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