14 January 2011

Doug and our friend Jim spent the day working on installing the solar panels. Apparantly there are some problems with elements of the system that were sent that aren’t exactly appropriate for what we need here.  One of the issues is the inverter being for 110 rather than 220.  Both Jim and Doug think they can get the system up and running; but the generator will not be able to assist in recharging the solar batteries.

Danielle and I spent most of the day sitting around the pool visiting.  It was a very nice relaxing day….oh, life is so hard!

Yesterday we got up to 87 degrees during the day.  Summer is definitely on its way.  Doug and I thought we might sleep outside on the lounge chairs to take advantage of any breeze.  It was actually quite breezy; the sheet we covered ourselves with flapped in the wind.  Doug lasted all night; but I ended up back inside.  The temperature was fine, but the wind didn’t let me sleep.  The nights are relatively comfortable as long as the breeze keeps up.  With no electricity at night, we don’t have the means to run a fan throughout the night.  Hopefully, once the solar panels are functional, we will be able to run a fan.


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