13 January 2011

Life here on the beach continues to be wonderful.  Sanchez and Juana make our life so easy.  They are spoiling us!!  I am so thankful for the time I now have to spend doing the fiber and artwork.  Then there is the time around the pool reading, swimming and relaxing.

We’ve had the opportunity to meet so many interesting people.  We were eating in a restaurant in Mancora and met a couple from the Czech Republic that had just arrived and were looking for accommodations.  Being so close to New Year’s, most places were booked up.  We did manage to arrange a room for them at El Refugio in Vichayito.  El Refugio is home to the horses that Doug has been working with, so he had the chance to visit further with this couple.  They came out to the house twice during the six days they were here.  Zaneta is a bank manager and David is a techie for Samsung.  We thoroughly enjoyed visiting with them and wished we had more time.  They had been together for 14 years, and this last May got married.  They were married at a vineyard and paid for all guests to stay overnight.  From what we gathered, this was a great party they put on for their celebration.  Their pictures were amazing; it looked like the wedding of any woman’s dream.

I completed the quilt top for the blue moon quilt and proceeded to make the “sandwich.”  This refers to stretching the backing fabric out, laying the batting over it, and then layering the quilt top on top of it all.  These layers are then basted together so they won’t shift when you actually quilt.  I discovered that a queen  bed spread is a HUGE undertaking!  I couldn’t believe how big it was when it was all laid out!  I spent about 16 hours on the floor of the dining room basting the layers together, and even then I wasn’t finished.  I wore elbows, knees and toes raw.  My body was so sore, I could hardly move the next day.     My fingers were blistered and pricked; and my fingernails were separating from the quick as I pushed the needle through layers of fabric.  The next morning I went into town to find some  pins to finish tacking the layers together.  Right now, the quilt is folded and set aside; awaiting my recovery and a plan to quilt each section on my machine.  It is so large, I’m sure this will be somewhat aukward.

As an interesting note:  I found the safety pins in one of the market stalls  in town.  They were made in China and the quality was quite poor.  They were sold in bunches; several strung on another.  I laughed as I broke out each bundle to find that no two of the eight bundles I bought had the same number of pins!

Meanwhile, since I can’t be idle…I started another project.  Our friends Gary and Silvia will have a baby in a couple of months.  I decided to make a small baby quilt for them.  My sewing machine does embroidery and is loaded with Disney characters.  I’ve embroidered several characters onto squares and will combine them into a simple quilt.

Doug and our friend Jim have also started to install the solar system.  Both of them have been studying the plans and instalation guides.  They’ve decided that the people who put together the shipment for us were not installers.  Fortunately, they have been able to adjust and work around problems they’ve encountered so far.  Jim works in the Yukon running heavy equipment in a gold mine, and runs the camp on solar power.  His expertise has been invaluable to us.


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  1. Great to see a update on the blog. I was starting to get a liitle concerned. Glad all is well.
    We have a heat wave in Redmond – 45 degrees. What has the temps been there in El Nuro?
    Taake care, tackle samller projects for a while, keep Chairman & Stormy out of trouble and Doug too if that is possible. Bruce

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