5th January 2011

After a trip to Talara this morning with Silvia and Gary, we swam in the pool and relaxed.  As we sat there, we watch several schools of fish just off shore.   They appeared as darker spots in the water.  These patches were evident; and the flashes of silver as they swarmed kept our interest.  Then a bird would swoop across the water and a flutter of silver flashes would follow the bird’s path.  It was like dominos falling in order or cards falling.  And the rustle would make a sound like cards shuffling.  I was surprised the birds weren’t more present; it seemed like ideal conditions for a feeding frenzy.



  1. I hope you find out what the fish were – maybe they were too big for the birds to eat. I’ll bet your fisherman friend would know! It’s fun to learn through your eyes! Send some heat this way, please. It is at least up to 43 this morning! Enjoy your sun. Wish we were there!

  2. Hi Karen, A swim in warm water outdoors sounds great.
    We have a heat wave of 33 degrees in Redmond this morning.
    It is so nice to read your updates, experiences, etc.. I visualize things quite well from your descriptions. Keep up the good work. How’s Doug doing?

  3. Happy New Year! It sounds as though 2011 has started off as a relaxing year for you. That’s great.
    It’s fun to watch the boils of fish. I’m surprised you didn’t see either seals or much larger fist attacking the smaller fish. The ocean is so mesmerizing. I hope all went well for Doug when he visited the doctor before coming home.

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