28 December 2010

I discovered a new deli in Los Organos.  It is owned by a couple; he is Peruvian and she is French.  They have set this business up in a courtyard of their home, so when you go you walk through their living room and down a hallway into the courtyard.  They are importing meats and cheese from Italy, Switzerland, Argentina and other parts of the world.  Their specialty will be Italian meats, cheeses from Europe and meats from the US and Argentina.  I bought some king crab legs from Chile for my Christmas dinner and they were excellent.  I’ve also had a salmon steak from their freezer which was equally as delicious.  Today I bought some gouda and blue cheese; oh, yum!  This could be a dangerous place to shop!
Flags at our neighbor's hotel
During the day, our neighbors displayed various flags from around the world on their fence.  I noticed they did not have an American flag, although some of their relatives live in New York.  I dug out our flag and hung it in our entry way.
I also noticed today a bloom on our hibiscus plant today.  It was so beautiful; so perfect.  The plant is still so small, but the bloom still came on.
hibiscus bloom


  1. Hello Karen, Your food forays(sp) there remind me of all the good food we had while we were down there this past April. I miss the fresh seafood. and now your finding GOOD food from around the world in Los Organos I am presuming.
    Your hibiscus plant is beuatiful. Keep us update also on how the landscaping & growth are going.
    What is the status on your solar system?
    We miss you both – Bruce

    1. The solar system arrived a couple of months ago, but was missing a converter from 110 to 220. Doug picked up the converter while he was in the states and it is in his luggage aboard the bus traveling from Lima to Los Organos right now. I’m hoping it will be about a week before it is up and running. I’m getting tired of having to fill up 7 gallon jugs with diesel every couple of days!
      The landscaping is awaiting Doug’s return to continue. Our great advantage is that Sanchez knows the plants; knows the kind of conditions they like and so can locate them appropriately!

  2. I’ll bet that deli is fun – how cool to walk through the house to the secluded courtyard. I was telling Payton how the houses are built around their gardens and she thought that was pretty neat.

    We have a hibiscus plant that Chad and Layla gave me for Mother’s Day, two years ago. It is still in the pot and I bring it in, in the winter. It’s in the garage and still blooming. I’m wanting to plant it next spring, but don’t know if I’m brave enough. I don’t want to lose it to the cold. They are pretty plants, aren’t they? I love the exotic looking flowers. Now that you have one blooming, I can look at ours and think of you! =)

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