27 December 2010

The blue moon; the second full moon in a month
Each square represents one day of the month.
August 2012 will be the next blue moon
Anniversaries on this date
Chairman's new pasttime
Here are some photos of the calendar portion of the quilt top.  The calendar is on a 7 X 5 grid.  The full moon appears on the 1st of August and the blue moon appears on the 31st of August.  I’m sure you can appreciate Chairman’s contribution to the photo!
There are still some entries to come in, but I am hoping to put the quilt top together by the end of the week.  I have been able to include birthdays and anniversaries of friends and family both in Peru and the states.  The more, the merrier.    I am hoping to put together the quilt top by Thursday, Oh, Chairmanand begin the quilting process by Friday.  Be advised… I can’t add any birthdays or anniversaries after that.
Oh, Chairman….she continues to entertain us.  Her latest thing is to take pins out of my pincushion!


  1. If Stormy ever gets into contact with a porcupine, Chairman will be ready!!! Too funny! The quilt is gorgeous! It will be so fun to see it finished – and hanging. It will be a wall hanging, right? You are so creative. I love how you have developed that right brain. I’ll bet if you took that test again, you’d be more right brained than left brained! We can use you as a great example of conscious brain development!!! lol!

  2. Karen, I get it now…the calendar portion of the quilt is only for the month of August, 2012, when there will be a blue moon…very cool! Not only is it very creative, but it’s beautiful, too. Happy quilting and I’ll look forward to seeing it when it’s all finished.

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