21 December 2010

Another quiet day.  I did the morning shopping and came home to work on the quilt.  After lunch I took a swim in the pool, then read a book by the pool.  After a warm, not hot, shower, I made dinner.  Tuna sashimi with a mustard sauce and vegetable sticks.  I haven’t cooked since Doug left and have enjoyed a “raw” diet.  Yumm….

eggs anyone?loaded!

I am constantly amazed at what the local moto taxis will carry. They never seem reluctant to haul whatever a paying customer wants.  I wanted to know where the moto-taxi with all the eggs was going!  I once saw one moving a refrigerator on the back!  I thought that was

unusual until I talked with a friend who said, “Oh yeah, that’s how they moved our refrigerator.”
be careful what you ask for!
It seems I have become somewhat lax in what I ask for in the market.  When we first got here, I was careful to ask for a chicken WITHOUT  feet.  I asked for a whole chicken and this is what I got….the WHOLE  chicken.  The feet….the head…the guts….the whole thing.  Juana laughed at me as I cringed while I used the cleaver to cut off the legs and head.  She used them, along with the guts, to make a soup for herself and Sanchez.  She uses my chicken carcasses for soup.  I’m not nearly as efficient in using the whole chicken as she is!
details on the quilt
I’ve been adding dates on the calendar portion of the quilt.  I’ve had a couple of friends add birthdays and anniversaries, but I suspect many more of my readers have birthdays, anniversaries; or have family with birthdays and anniversaries in August.  Please, if you are a reader of the blog, I’d like to include you on the quilt.  All I need is the date and the year.  Please consider yourself a part of this…. you are.  It would make the quilt mean so much to me if I had your involvement.  OK, enough pleading.  Leave me a message here or on my e-mail; 36keys@gmail.com.