19 December 2010

I was awakened this morning by honking from a moto-taxi.  They were quite insistent!  So, I scrambled out of bed, tossed on some clothes and went down to the gate.

Two men greeted me.  Someone had told them that the señior had brought a piano to the house.  This same person had told them that we were in need of a guardian for the property.  I explained that we didn´t need a guardian as we already had one.  The other gentleman wanted to know if he could give piano lessons.  I didn´t ask to whom he planned on giving these lessons to, but I told him, no.

Later in the day, another horn honked at the gate.  I headed down thinking it was a friend of ours saying goodby as she was leaving for Lima.  It wasn´t.   It was someone who wanted to rent one of our bungalows for New Year´s.  I said, no….and wished him luck.

It was a quiet day with Doug gone.  I got some of the embroidery done on the calendar portion of the Blue Moon quilt.  I sat out in th sun, read a book, and took a swim.  Oh, life is tough.



  1. I started a comment to you and got interrupted and don’t think it went through. If it did and I’m repeating myself – ignore me! =) I’m concerned about the two honking moto taxis. Does Sanchez live near you so that there is someone there for security 24/7? My concern is that they see a woman only coming out to answer them. If possible, have Sanchez answer their honks. I just want to be sure you are safe. I remember feeling safe while I was there, but it is always good to still be cautious. Sorry – I don’t want to be a worry wart, but my “sensors” perked up when you said there were two that came. Without Doug there right now, I worry about you. Keep Sanchez, Juana, and Stormy close. I don’t think the Chairman will be much help…=)

    Glad you had your swim. I sure thought about you when we were in Mexico as I sat by the same ocean you look out at/sit by. Still wish you were closer to help me conjugate my verbs! =) Love you – be safe.

    1. I appreciate your concern. Sanchez and Juana are around the property during the day and are less than 100 yards away at night. Sanchez takes very good care of me….he takes regular walks around 24/7. He will lock doors if I’ve forgotten them. There is also a neighbor (not Georg, although he should be here in the next couple of days) who is also checking up on me. The gate is also locked, so when I talk to these people, it is through the gate. I do feel safe here. I’m a bit less secure when we go out of town, but here I think I am surrounded by people who care and are more vigilant than I am. Thanks again. Where in Mexico did you go? Sounds like a fun trip. Love ya, Karen

      P.S. Anyone in your family have a birthday or anniversary in August? I’m tempted to put you in there somewhere, as I can never remember when it is for real!

      1. So glad to hear things are OK. I decided in the night that I was going to email you daily until Doug gets home so I will know you are totally OK. Glad to know the gate was locked and Sanchez and Juana are so close. That makes me feel better. I appreciate you being careful…ooooh, do I sound like your mother now? =)

        Yes, we have Ava’s birthday on August 7th!!! Trent’s mother and my sister also have birthdays in August but Ava’s would be the most fun to have on your quilt. We had our Christmas Cantata on Sunday night. A group in our church makes prayer quilts for people in need of prayer…they are just lap quilts, but they had 8 or 10 hanging in the santuary on Sunday. They donated them to a women’s shelter (domestic violence). They were absolutely beautiful – and made me think of you again for your new quilts!

        We were in Puerta Villarta. It was wonderful. We had such a good time talking with Ken and Bonnie and just relaxing in the sun. Just a taste of your life! Their premature grandson is going home from the hospital on Thursday! He was due Jan 17 and arrived Nov 11. He has done amazing.

        What are you doing for Christmas? Who are you spending the day with? Wish you were here! Love ya!

      2. I will add Ava on the quilt. What year was she born? I don’t have any specific plans for Christmas. I have many offers for company, but will just see what happens. I might visit the local church for Christmas mass. I’ve enjoyed the quiet time without Doug, but I do miss him. Sounds a bit contradictory, huh? Thanks,Mom Karen

  2. Ava is 8/7/08 – we wanted Layla to wait a day so it would be 8/8/08 – but she didn’t think that was a good enough reason to wait another day – lol! I’ll send you an email, too, in case you don’t find this one.

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