15 December 2010

peppercorn tree

Yesterday, we celebrated Doug´s 62nd birthday.  In the morning, I told him I was driving; he almost always drives when we go into town for the daily shopping.  As we were leaving the property, he asked if I wanted to drive so I didn’t have to open the gate.  I said, yes, I am tired of having to open the gate every time we come and go.  We got into Los Organos, and I continued on past the market.  Doug asks, did you just want to drive or do you have an agenda?  Oh, I have an agenda.  I take the turn of into Vichayito; Doug thinks I am taking him to see the horses, although that seems a bit strange.  We drive past El Refugio and he thinks I am taking him to see friends in Vichayito Village, or perhaps for a massage at the local spa.  But I continue on by and soon pull into a driveway.  It looks like many other properties around, so he is wondering why we stop here.  We walk up the driveway and it turns into a nursery.  We’ve been talking about starting the process of landscaping so this was his chance to begin.  We bought some ice plant ground cover; amazingly inexpensive at S/.1 apiece ($.35).  We also bought two mango trees, an almond tree, three hibiscus plants, a peppercorn tree and a couple more flowering plants.  We got them home and Sanchez knew each one, where it should be planted and what kind of conditions it would thrive in.

Almond treehibiscus and other flowers
ice plant ground cover


After our foray to the nursery, we did our shopping and headed home.  We invited a few friends over for supper to help Doug celebrate.  One friend, Lucia, had her birthday the day before Doug’s.  I made a seafood chowder and Mariana made potatoes with a Yuancayino sauce, typical Peruvian fare.  

Lucia came with her husband, Ferruco and her son, Ferruco.  Carrie, our yoga instructor friend, also came.  Our good friends Jim and Danielle were here; as were Mariana, the local doctor who first treated Doug’s stingray sting.  The new vet in Los Organos, Walter and his girlfriend, Gisele also came.

Carrie and Ferruco Sr.
Mariana and Jim
Carrie, Lucia, Ferruco and Ferruco Sr.
Vet Walter and girlfriend, Gisele
Another benefit of the evening was that Vet Walter said Chairman was NOT pregnant.  I rejoiced, but still gave him a hard time about not being able to tell.  He will spay her in another two weeks; once his assistant returns after the holidays.  Meanwhile I have this strong desire to keep Chairman locked up until then!

Ferruco Sr.


  1. Happy Birthday to Doug!!! Your party sounds fun. It’s so nice to see what your friends look like to put their faces with their stories. Was the Yuancayito sauce for the potatoes a cheese sauce? if it is the same as what we had, I LOVED it! We had cerviche in Mexico, but I didn’t think it was as good as the Peruvian cerviche I had – good but not Peruvian.

    It’ll be fun seeing what your plants do. The peppercorn tree – for actual pepper? I’ve never seen one of those. You need an avocado tree, too – Peru grows the best avocados. (Mangoes, too -mmmmm)

    Glad the Chairman isn’t pregnant – what made him change his mind? I could just see you with a bunch of kittens for Stormy to play with =).

    1. The Yuancayito sauce was made form the meat of the orange peppers blended in the blender with olive oil, milk and queso fresco. She then put it over potatoes. It was good. The peppercorn tree is for actual black pepper. The peppercorns grow in bunches like grapes, and turn from red to black as they mature. It will take a while before theses produce fruit but when they do we’ll have maracuya, pepper, almonds, mangos and we are hoping to plant more “producers.” Doug travels to Lima tomorrow, and then on to the US for the holidays. I’ve elected to stay here. I have been doing a lot of traveling lately, and decided to save a bit of money and stay here. Both of my kids had full agendas for their Christmas…. It will be great to have time to devote to some of my projects. Love ya, Karen

      1. I’ll bet that is what I remember for the potatoes…it was soooo good. Another thing that I really liked was cauliflower that is dipped in a some kind of breading (like tempura) and fried. I don’t remember cheese on it, but it was good, too. Mexican cerviche is not nearly as good as Peruvian.

        Wish I had you here to help me with me Spanish. I really want to work on my conjugation of verbs. I’m not at school enough to get help from Jesus (the custodian). He will talk to me in Spanish. I should go to the ESL teacher who is fluent – but you’d be a lot more fun!

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