07 December 2010

This morning we headed off to the vet.  We intended to get the Chairman spayed and Stormy to have her annual checkup and vaccinations.  We packed the Chairman in a box to transport her, which, of course, she fought and cried during the entire trip.  Once at the vet´s office, we had to wait while the doctore worked on another dalmation pup.  He was four months old and was really sick.

We got Chairman up on the table and explained what we wanted done.  We were informed that she is already pregnant.  She is only 5 months old!  What a surprise!  Neither one of us had any clue she had been capable of such an act; and never saw another cat around.  What a slut!  A sneaky one at that!

Stormy got some anti-parasite medication and declared in great health.

One of Perico´s calves died today.  Not really a great surprise, but still disappointing given the effort and money we put into getting him healthy enough to survive.

Sr. Garivito is arriving.  He delivers water to us from Talara.  The water is potable and we use it for the house as well as the pool.  The water is intended for use in the village of El Ñuro, and has government backing.  If the village has enough water, then we can buy additional water.   This has been a bit of a touchy issue as water is a very precious commodity here.  We have been very careful to support the village´s water needs, while tending to our own.  There is another truck which will deliver potable water to us;  it is a smaller truck, but more expensive.  We find that community relations are really important to nurture.


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  1. Just got home from a week in Mexico. Thought of you two often. We had such a good time and it reminded me so much of Peru. We visited a couple of the little towns that are more “old Mexico” – which really made me think of you. I got to practice my Spanish quite a bit. There are lots of venders and they were very happy to tutor me. I was really surprised at how much I remembered. It made me want to learn more. I need los verboles, pasado y futuro. We were there with Ken and Bonnie and talked and talked and talked. We have never gotten to have such a concentrated time with them. They just had a premature grandson born in November. He is still in the hospital but will be going home shortly after they get home. Bonnie lost her mother not too long ago and has been under a lot of stress for quite some time. This was a good trip for her and I think, helpful for her to be able to talk to someone else.

    Sorry about Chairman – sneaky little things aren’t they? Wonder what the kittens will look like. More playmates for Stormy! Sorry about the lost calf…that’s tough. I hope things get better in the animal world there.

    Love you!

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