06 December 2010

I know I haven’t blogged in a few days.  I can’t say it’s because nothing has been going on….I think it is mostly because I have become involved in making the quilt for the blue moon bungalow.

First of all, all the calves has survived so far.  They are still sick with a disease carried by ticks and will need antibiotics for a couple of weeks yet.  They will need to be bottle fed milk and formula to make it through.  The only unprocesses milk that is available here is goat’s milk so they have had several liters of goat’s milk each day.  The vet continues to visit them and administer care.  Doug has shouldered the cost of the vet, medications and the cost of the milk until today.  From now on, it is up to Perico to foot the bill.  This could be very difficult for him and the fishing has been terrible and money is tight.  He was hoping to fatten the calves up and resell them at a profit.  I don’t see that happening what with the care they need.

The mare at El Refugio is also doing better, but she still hasn’t been given decent food.  There is still one sore on her neck that needs further treatment.  The owners live in Lima and have left the horses in the care of the managers of the hotel here.  They don’t have the same interest in the horses that Doug does.

There were also a couple of fatal shootings here.  Apparantly, it was over possession of land.  We don’t know much about it, but do know the woman who owns the land went to the police the day before to report that someone was trying to take her land.  The shootings happened the next day.


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