2 December 2010

The mare at El Refugio is still hanging in there.  What she really needs is some good food.  Supposedly, there is some good feed coming from Lima.  Hopefully this is true and it is in time.

The three calves that Perico bought are all still living.  One has been quite sick from the beginning and has been receiving IV’s and round the clock care.  So far, she is still with us; and the vet says that if she can survive a couple more days, she should be ok.  We went by Perico’s today to see the calves.  One of Perico’s daughter-in-laws was bottle feeded the two that were ambulatory.  We’re unsure how much they know about caring for newborn calves.  When we mentioned they should have cow’s milk for at least their first six months, they were quite taken aback.  If they are going to raise these calves, they are in for some intensive care!

Doug and I went to Talara today with Dr. Mariana.  She needed to take her car in for service which would take a few days.  Meanwhile, I wanted to get some fabric for the quilt I am working on.  There is a wonderful stall in the open market in Talara that sells all kinds of fabric.  The owner is a sweet little woman who now recognizes me.  The first time I went in there, I couldn’t communicate very well and was getting frustrated with not having the language to get across what I needed.  She calmly told me to calm down; that we would figure things out.  And we did.  It turns out that she spoke English to Doug!  She hasn’t given me even a hint of this ability.

We also stopped by the laundry in Los Organos this morning.  We’ve been trying to retrieve our towels and sheets for several days running.  The appliance repairman across the street told me the other day that the owners weren’t there during the mornings as they needed to take their kids to school.  We stopped by in the afternoon and still weren’t able to get anyone to answer the door.    This morning when we stopped, I knocked on the door and no one answered.  Pretty soon the appliance repairman came across the road and pulled out a set of keys from his pocket.  He said he had pleaded with the owners to leave him a set of keys so he could retrieve our laundry for us; explaining that we had made several attempts to retrieve it.  He was so sweet.  He weighed the laundry and collected the money for it.  Can you imagine this happening in the states?


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