1 December 2010

I can hardly believe it is December already!  Time sure does fly by.

The mare at El Refugio is still hanging on.  She was able to get up and move around a bit today.  We are hoping they will get some decent feed in for her so she can continue to gain strength.  So far, so good.

Our friend Perico came into possession of three calves today.  They were calves born of dairy cows; given away shortly after birth so the dairy could milk the cow for milk. 

One of the calves was very weak and was given a 20% chance at life by the vet in Los Organos.  The other two were reasonably healthy.  This evening, Doug went to check on them and the healthiest calf drank 2 full bottles of formula.  The second calf drank 2 full bottles as well.  The weakest one dranl 3 and a half bottles of formula.  Only time will tell whether these little guys will survive or not. 

At the very least, we have found a vet in Los Organos that we can trust.  Chairman Meow will be ready to be spayed shortly.  We also have enough confidence in him to take care of Stormy´s needs.

Another vet has been involved with the care of the mare at El Refugio.  He didn´t seem particularly interested in treating the mare.  He only applied a topical solution to the sores on her neck.  He has also told those in charge at El Refugio that the mare doesn´t need any more care; that she will be fine.  Neither one of us believes this, but being outsiders, we are not always listened to.  For Doug this is really frustrating.  He loves these animals and only wants the best for them.  But those in charge don´t necessarily listen to his advise.  ¡Que pena!

We are going to Talara tomorrow.  Our friend Marianna needs to have service done on her car and we need to do a bit of shopping.  I have started another project; a quilt using the Drunkard Path design with an overall design of a blue moon.  We´ve decided to name our house, La Casa de la luna llena.  (The house of the full moon.)  One of the bungalows has been named by our good friend Carrie; the blue moon.  This quilt is designed around the next blue moon which will happen in August of 2012.  While in Talara tomorrow, I need to buy some more fabric to complete the quilt.  Fabrics here in Peru are not like those you find in the states.  Patterned fabrics have  huge patterns that cover a large area and are therefore unsuitable for quilting.  I can find the plain colored fabrics, but anything else is really difficult.  I´m hoping that what I have brought from the states, plus the plain colored fabrics I can find here will fill out this quilt.  Time will tell.


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