30 November 2010

The kitchen towels made their appearance in the kitchen today and were put to use for the first time.  Our friend, Mariana (also the local doctor) offerred to cook us lunch today.  She prepared a caprese sauces for spaghetti.  It was excellent.  To honor her, she was the first to actually use the new kitchen towels.

Doug spent most of the day at El Refugio as the mare was “down.”  She has been unhealthy for some time; she has several absesses on her neck, and is very skinny even though she has just recently given birth.  She was so weak today, that she had difficulty to stand up. 

One vet from Mancora came and only applied a topical antiseptic solution to the sores.  He then left.  Another vet from Los Organos came and cleaned up the sores, and administered fluids.  He actually spent some time helping her out.  By late this afternoon, the mare was able to stand with help.  This is a good sign, but continued care is certainly in order.  Our frustration is that the people responsible for the horse don’t really want to put energy into their health.  Doug has recommended more nutritious food, but those resposible are reluctant to spend the extra expense.  Unfortunately, they have ignored Doug’s advise on several occassions so now they are in the crisis mode. 

As promised, here are the pictures of the lounge chair cushions and terry cloth covers.  I sat out here today and planned my next quilt.  There wasn’t much wind and it was overcast so it was very comfortable out there.  The  cushions are 3″ thick and are quite firm.  They are quite comfortable.



  1. Nice job on the towels. I’m sure Doug is totally frustrated – and worried about the horse. I know how much he loves horses and to have someone not really care is discouraging. It must be killing him to watch the horse deteriorate.

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