29 November 2010

Today was a very successful day!  I finished two projects.  I finished the kitchen towels on the loom, and did the hemming today on the sewing machine.  I washed them in hot water and they shrank a bit; wish I had access to a dryer to have finished the shrinking.  Dryers are not readily available here as everyone hangs their wash out to dry in the sun.  They have the same pattern as the towel I made for the kitchen in Oregon, but these match the granite here.  Pictures tomorrow.

The other project I finished today are the covers for the lounge chairs around the pool.  The styrofoam was covered with a vinyl material.  Then I made covers out of terry cloth to go over the top like fitted sheets.  Now, all four of the lounge chairs are ready for occupation!  Again, photos tomorrow.

There have been two people killed here in Los Organos yesterday.  Apparantly, there was a land dispute.  The owner of the land reported to the authorities that someone was trying to claim her land.   The next day, yesterday, two people were shot in the dispute.  One was pronounced dead yesterday, the other died in the hospital at Sullana today.  We don’t know who did the shooting or much else about it.  It is disturbing however.

There seems to be a rise in violence in this area.  We have heard about several armed robberies here in Los Organos and a couple in El Ñuro as well.  All of this is disconcerting.  The village of El Ñuro does not have any security or police force.  It is supposed to be under the jurisdiction of Los Organos, but are not in force in the village.  We have Sanchez as a 24-7 security guardian for the property here.  We are also pretty far afield for thieves.  We are increasingly aware of corruption in the police force and violence in the area.


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  1. Ohhhh, that is scary! I am so glad you have Sanchez – although, is he armed? With people thinking you are “rich Gringoes”, you become a target. Whatever did you decide to do about the toys for the kids? Somehow you need to be seen as an easy mark, but a supporter/ benefactor of the town. That would give you protection. I know you are building relationships in town and that is positive. Please continue to take care of yourselves and stay vigilant.

    Looking forward to the pictures tomorrow. We are heading to Mexico for 6 days during the first part of December. We’re going to meet my brother and his wife. I’m sooo looking forward to it. I’ll think of you, Chica!

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