26 November 2010

Doug and I had a great Thanksgiving dinner with all the tranditional trimmings.  Bob, a gentleman from Ohio, brought all the ingredients for the feast either from the states or from Lima.  We gathered at a local Peruvian’s home….the same arquitect built her home that is building Bob’s house.   It was a very interesting mix of people.  Our friends from the Yukon joined us; aBelgium woman who owned a bakery in the south of Spain, married to a Peruvian and living here half of the year; the architect and his wife; a couple of local hotel owners… Very interesting.

I finished the covers for the lounge chairs around the pool.  Now I’ll begin working on the terry cloth coverings.  The cushions are now covered with vinyl, which won’t be very comfortable to sit on during the hottest weather.  The terry cloth will act like a towel over the top, but will be made to fit like a fitted sheet on a mattress.   Now, if we can keep the pool from turning black, we’ll be in great shape!


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