24 November 2010

Another cover is done for the lounge chairs for the deck.  This one went much smoother as I learned from doing the first one.  One thing that really helped was making the zipper wider than the end so each end wrapped around to the sides.  This made stuffing the styrofoam soooo much easier.

In order to complete all four of the covers, I needed to buy one more zipper.  I wasn´t sure I would find one in Los Organos, but visited a small stall in the market that sold some fabric and made curtains.  He has some zippers in a display case; they were all jumbled together in a huge wad.  When I indicated that I wanted on of the more heavy duty ones, he showed me another option.  He sold zippers by the meter ($.60 per meter) and then included two zipper pulls per meter.  The ones I had been using from the states were marked at $3.50 for 30 inches.  Ah, a new discovery.

I also bought some white cotton fabric to serve as interface for my next quilting project.  After making the second cover, I began making pieces for the quilt.  The quilt will utilize circles and squares in various combinations; as well as some applique work.  I figured I would start making the circles and squares so when I am ready to put things together, I have many of the parts put together.

The weather is getting warmer.  I know we are not at the warmest yet, but it is quite warm mid-day.  The humidity is also creeping higher.  I hear about snow and ice back in Oregon; some of that might just be welcome right now.  My biggest complaint though is that our hot water heater isn’t functioning well.  We didn’t locate it well…right now it is in shadow much of the day so we don’t really have much hot water.  It is warm, but not even as warm as body temperature.


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