19 November 2010


Doug and I traveled to Santa Cruz early this week.  Our good friend, Luis, and our architect, Koky, both grew up in Santa Cruz.  Tuesday was the 59th anniversary of the school and our friends’ 25th reunion. 

The trip up to Santa Cruz was quite the trip.  We drove to Chiclayo and then headed east into the mountains.  The village is about 87 kilometers from Chiclayo.  Only the first 20 kilometers is paved; from there on it is all dirt road.  We figured about 85% of this dirt road is only one lane.  We forded streams and followed this track up and up.  The remaining 67 kilometers took us close to three hours.  It is the curviest road I have ever been on!

The countryside is absolutely breathtaking.  The further east we went, the steeper the canyon became.  The rock formations became beautiful and varied. 

The drive up to Santa Cruz took us almost 11 hours.  We arrived in the dark and went straight to a hotel owned by our friends up there. 

Tuesday was the big celebration.  I’ll post about that tomorrow.



  1. Karen, I love the way you write. It’s as though we’re sitting together in comfortble chairs on the patio of a small cafe and we’re having a (two way) conversation about your trip(s). I keep catching myself asking questions only to have you answer them in the next paragraph. Thank you for sharing your experiences with us.
    Love You. Wayne.

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