14 November 2010

This afternoon, we went to Cabo Blanco for lunch.  Cabo Blanco is about 3 or 4 kilometers south and is another rather small fishing village.  It’s claim to fame is this restaraunt where Ernest Hemingway spent quite a bit of time.  He is supposed to have written The Old Man and the Sea while in Cabo Blanco.

The food offerred is typical Peruvian seafood dishes and very good.  It’s a bit more expensive than other restaraunts, but  none of the others have the same atmosphere.  The elder gentleman we encountered inside was in his twenties when Hemingway frequented his family’s restaraunt.  All along the walls inside are old photos of huge fish caught in Cabo Blanco’s waters and photos of Hemingway.

It was a nice lunch right on the beach and fun company.  Chris is here just for the week visiting Carrie midway through her stint here as a yoga instructor.  Chris works for the Mars company as a coffee taster and grader.  His work sends him all over the world and it was fun visiting with him about his adventures.

As we were heading back to the house, we were stalled by this procession through the village.  As is typical of religious celebrations, the procession followed the statue of San Pedro, the patron saint of the village church and of all fishermen.  The crowd was about a city block long; which of course doesn’t exist here.

Closer to home we came across a nesting spot for blue-footed boobies.  We first saw them in the Galapogos and were amazed at their bright blue feet and beaks.  Doug discovered this nesting spot while walking on the beach.  Hopefully some day I will get a closer look at them.



  1. OK, get a picture of the blue footed boobie – ’cause it sounds like something Doug would make up just to pull a leg or two – which he has been known to do a time or two!! Can’t see the blue feet in the picture.

    You two have the most fun. You go to really exciting/interesting places. Love the story about Hemingway! Me? I went to church and to my mom’s (got her on Facebook so she would see pictures of her great-grandchildren, two of whom were born just this month.) Oh yeah – I went to the pet store, too. Really exciting, huh? Thanks for sharing what you are doing, though. I’m enjoying it all through you – without any of the difficulties -you know, like jellyfish stings. =)

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