16 November 2010

Some of the carpenters spent all day refinishing the pool decks.  Hopefully this finish won’t begin to peel in its first week.  Koky hired Alex, the young man that Georg hired to provide security during Sanchez’s recovery.  I think he was happy for the work and the prospect of a little bit more money in his pocket.

The other carpenters worked on the roof over the entry-way.  I think it really looks nice, and it does not interfere with the view of the mural from the road.

The workers were scheduled to leave at noon today.  They haven’t finished their work and have decided to stay until mid-day tomorrow.  Late in the afternoon, Sanchez came to say he and Juana hadn’t planned on their staying and so hadn’t ordered groceries to feed them dinner.  Doug and I decided we would go into town and buy Pollo a la Brasa (broiled chicken) and bring it back for everyone.  That way no one had to cook.  It was a big hit.

Right now the crew is watching a volleyball match between Peru and Korea.  It still early in the match, but it appears to be a well fought match and Peru is ahead. 

I am also glad to report that I had my cholesterol checked today.  My super high level of 280 just six months ago is down 90 points!  Must be all the good fresh fish, fruit and veggies we get here.  I don’t plan on doing anything differently, so hopefully it will continue to drop.


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