Day of the Dead, and recent days

We didn´t visit the local cemetery to see what was going on.  In town, all the ¨casitas de memoria¨ (memorial markers along the side of the road usually resembling tiny houses) were cleaned up and decorated with fresh flowers and/or banners.  We saw families carrying towels and blankets walking toward the cemetery with bins of food and thermoses of drink.

We came across this cart in Los Organos…check out the rear wheel!  It is so bent out of shape, it amazes me it still works.  This isn´t necessarily an unusual sight, but I actually had a camera in the truck to snap the shot.

Meanwhile, I started my next project; some kitchen towels.  I finally found the pattern I used for the towels in the Greenbriar house.  I found cotton yarn that matches our countertop perfectly while in Denver visiting my sisters.  The yarn is a bit coarser that the other, so I had to make some changes to the pattern. 

Setting up the loom prior to actually weaving is a lot of work.  This is where I make many of my mistakes and sometimes have to go through the process more than once.  This time I have enough warp (8 yds.) to complete six kitchen towels.

Koky returned with the carpenters yesterday.  The brought materials to build the door and the window in the generator room.  They also brought material to make the baffle roof for the entrance way; over the mural.  They have also made the covers for the mechanical room and the compensation tank for the pool.

A few days ago, Koky sent a couple of workers who were to sand off the old finish on the pool deck.  Doug asked them to move each section of the deck away from the pool to minimize the dust and debris that ended up in the pool.  We then left to spend time with our friends in Vichayito.  When we returned, they were working on the deck right by the pool.  Doug tried to call Koky…he didn´t answer.  So, Doug fired the carpenters and told them to go back to Chiclayo.  It was only a few minutes later when Koky called to find out what was going on.  The carpenters left… and Koky found some other workers to come and do the job.

I caught Koky working and Doug supervising!  A switch!  This area is where the water truck dumps water into our cistern or the pool.  When the truck delivers though, it sits on the downhill so we suspect we aren´t getting a full load of water.  That area is now flattened out, so we should now get all there is on board.

We contracted with a local carpenter for some outside furniture several months ago.  Yesterday, we picked up some of that order.  These table and chairs we set up on the terrace between the dining room and the master bedroom.  The chairs are a little low, which makes the table seem too high.  I´m sure Charapo can cut off the legs a bit to make them more comfortable. 

Very shortly….and I mean very shortly after the chairs and tables were in place, Koky and Doug had christened them with a bottle of beer.  Sanchez joined them for a glass of water. 

I think the terrace will be one of our favorite places to be.  Generally there is a breeze and it has the best view in the house.  I ate breakfast and read the New York Times out there this morning.  It was amazing!  (We get the New York Times electronically on our Kindle.)


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