I spent most of the day yesterday sitting at the sewing machine working on my quilt.  Not really having had any experience in quilting, this one was one to learn on.  I bought in on sale at a fabric shop in Oregon before we moved for about $5.  It had all the fabric for the quilt top and I was able to find the filler and backing fabric in Talara.   The most important thing I learned is to use a simpler quilting pattern; especially on the patterned fabric.  None-the-less, I am pleased with the results.  It will serve me well on these cool evenings as I knit or watch TV.

Doug is sporting a new haircut!  When we went into Mancora on Thursday, he went and had a haircut while I went to the yoga class that wasn’t.  I think it makes him look younger!  He will certainly enjoy it when the weather gets hot this summer.

Our good friends, Jim and Daniella, arrived from the Yukon this morning.  The have a house in Vichayito close to Jay’s.  Both Doug and I connected immediately with Jim and Daniella.  We had many memorable times last year and look forward to even more this summer.  Jim offered to help Doug install the solar panels, which arrived at 1:30 this morning.  Dani is excited about some of my decorating ideas for the house.  She and I will have lots of fun planning and designing!

The only sign of Halloween I saw today was a young child wearing a witch’s hat embossed with gold stars and half moons.  One  of the market stalls also had some Halloween decorations on display.  For Peruvians, the big holiday is tomorrow….”the day of the dead.”  Extended families will gather in the cemeteries at family gravestones and plots.  The will often bring an elaborate meal and serve a banquet while having a party.  There is usually music and dancing…quite the party as we hear.  Maybe tomorrow we will take a swing by the cemetery to see what’s going on.

Two carpenters arrived this morning to redo the deck around the pool.  The final finish that was put on before quickly peeled of and has created a lot of debris in the pool…not to mention how ugly it looked.  The finish is a two part compound that is mixed just before it is applied.  We think one of the compounds was out of date, or just bad.  Two workers spent the day removing the old finish, and sanding down the deck.  They are about three-quarters of the way done, and will hopefully continue the work tomorrow.

Koki is also supposed to arrive tomorrow.  I say supposedly because he was going to arrive on Friday…Then Sunday….and now Monday?  We shall see.  It wouldn’t be so bad except the church in El Ñuro wants to know what progress has been made on plans for their expansion and want to meet with Koki.  I keep having to call them to let them know Koki has postponed his arrival once again.

We have been asked to donate games and toys to the children of El Ñuro and Los Organos for Christmas.  The toys available here are VERY cheap and I can´t see them lasting an hour in a child´s hand.  I´ve asked Rocio, Koki´s wife, to take me shopping in Chiclayo where, hopefully, there is a larger selection and some of higher quality.  I´m looking forward to a day shopping with Rocio.  She´s a real sweetheart.



  1. Wow! I didn’t recognize Doug! I like the look. I think it makes him look younger, too. Be sure to take a picture of your quilt when you get it done. Lots of people are into quilting here, now. They make prayer quilts at church, which are like lap quilts but are made for people who are in need of prayers. They put the strings through for tying, but don’t tie them. Instead, they bring them in on Sunday morning and tell the congregation who the quilt is for and why, and then invite people to tie the knots while making a prayer for that person.

  2. I wanted to show my cousin the pictures of your home, but they must be on the other blog site. I deleted that address!

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