29th October 2010

Chairman Meow continues to entertain us.  I caught her peeking out of my knitting bag last night.  She seems to be relatively quiet during the day if she is inside.  She has been outside more and more; exploring further and further.  I thought she was going to follow us down to the beach when we went for a walk this afternoon.

Our friend Carrie visited again for the last couple of days.  We had some great walks on the beach and visiting time.  I was going to take some of her yoga classes; one yesterday and one this afternoon but things just didn’t work out.  Thursday, Carrie introduced me to one of the guests at Samana Chakra, Martha.  Martha is from California and has been doing volunteer work in one of the women’s prisons here in Peru.  The prison is located in Ayacucho, inland and toward the mountains.  She said most of the women there are incarcerated for drug trafficking.  Most are single parents who were in the wrong place at the wrong time.  Any children they have can live with them in the prison until they are 3 years old; then they must leave to live with relatives or go into an orphanage.  She works with the women; teaches them to knit and to embroider using the traditional Peruvian methods.  The products they make, Martha sells in the states.  She then uses the money to improve conditions at the prison.  In the last couple of years, they’ve been able to build two bathrooms within the prison.  She showed us some amazing pictures of the work the women have done.  This visit took the place of the first yoga class I never got to.

This afternoon, my stomach decided to do some flip-flops, so I didn’t try a yoga class.  It seems like everytime I eat a meal of any size lately, my stomach decides to revolt.  I can’t figure out what’s going on.

Our solar panels and batteries just left Lima!  Hopefully they will arrive sometime tomorrow evening.  We will be glad to have those installed and functioning so we don’t have to run the generator nearly as much.



  1. Love that cat!! Pets are certainly a lot of fun – almost as much as grandchildren. Payton turns 6 today. Have to fathom all the changes that come in her young life. They had parent-teacher conferences yesterday. She is doing well both academically and socially – although she tends to be a little bossy (hmmm, wonder where she got that?) Her teacher says she can tell she comes from a teaching family as she loves to help kids – and actually teaches them what to do rather than doing it for them. She’s quite a girl.

    It is fun hearing about all the people you know and are meeting. Carrie sounds fun and Martha sounds fascinating. I’ll be curious to see what happens with Sanchez. Has Juana made any comments?

    Sorry about your stomach. I remember having to be careful about what I ate. You have been there long enough, your system should be immune to any amoebas that might be hiding. Hope you are better by the time you read this. By the way, your pool looks great. You must have gotten your truckload of water. Did you get all the black stuff vacuumed out? What’s your “pool boy” up to? Has he been working with the horses? I’ll bet he didn’t really think he would be back into them already. Glad for him.

    Take care and feel better!

    1. Can’t believe Payton is 6! OMG…where has the time gone?
      The pool is back to its sparkling self and we can now swim again. It was so wierd. Sanchez has been down every morning to work on the pool. He thinks its his job! He is recuperating from the appendicitis…but sure doesn’t want to take things easy. We have to tell him no….he can’t do certain things.
      Unfortunately, the stomach issue is nothing new. I just need to eat smaller meals and drink more water. It seems to react when I eat a large meal.

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