27 October 2010

Wonders of all wonders.  I was so excited today to see that my Mom’s kitchen clock was actually working.  I had set it out on a table in the dining room and it was not working.  I figured the move had disturbed its inner workings and it just wasn’t going to work until I could find someone to work on the innards of the clock.  I’m not sure what made the difference, but I suspect it was not quite level on the table.  Once I set it on the countertop in the kitchen where it was level, it began working.  It chimes for every hour and half hour.  It’s sound was such a comfort for me…so beautiful to hear.

The kitchen clock is so named because it has a chime which can be set to go off at dinner time.  The dinner chime is much louder than the hourly chime.  I’m so glad it’s working; I had pretty much resigned myself to enjoying its beauty as a non-working antique.  Each time it chimed tonight, I smiled.


One of my goals for the last couple of days has been to hang our tapestries.  We visited our local ferreteria (hardware store) this morning and purchased a six meter length of aluminum pipe.  I used this pipe to  hang Maximo’s tapestry in our dining room.  The other tapestry that I have of Maximo’s will likely be hung downstairs in the piano bar.  Mandy’s two tapestries will also be hung downstairs.  One thing about this house. we have tons of windows, and not so much wall space.  The tapestries will take presidence; but much thought will have to go into their placement. 

Another project I finished today was the weaving of the placemats for the dining room table.  I will still have to hem each one and wash them all before they will be servicable for the table.  Little by little, I am finishing up projects started.  I am a great one for starting things and then setting them aside when another project comes to mind.  My goal in the next month or so is to finish some of those projects that I’ve started. 

I am feeling incredibly fortunate.  I have a housekeeper who cleans and organizes things without any direction from me.  She is amazing.  Her work frees me up to do the things I want; sewing, weaving, painting…whatever.  Doug and I have been able to create a life here in Peru I don’t think I could ever have dreamed of.  We are living in a beautiful spot; ocean front…wildlife rich…. warm weather.  And we have people like Juana that make our live so easy.

We have been approached by several organizations seeking donations for Christmas toys for children.  Two of them have been from El Nuro and one from Los Organos.  I have no problem donating these toys…we are so incredibly more fortunate than any of these residents.  The options here in Los Organos are quite limited however.  I asked Koki’s wife, Rocio, if she would like to do some shopping with me in Chiclayo where I am sure there are many more choices.

Sanchez returned this evening!  Oh, it was sooo good to see him again.  He appeared to have lost a considerable amount of weight, but looked in good spirits.  I imagine he has another month or so of recuperation before he is back to his usual self.  Meanwhile, Alex and his wife continue providing security services for Georg.  It will be interesting to see what happens there.  Alex has done a good job; both providing security and providing maintenance for the garden…despite the fact he was not provided with water to do the job.  I’m curious how things will work out.  Will Sanchez come to work for us?  Will he stay with Georg?  What happens with Alex and his family?  Do they stay on?  Oh, so many questions.  It could be a Peruvian Peyton Place!

Our good friends Jim and Danielle from Canada will be arriving at the end of the week.  We are really looking forward to their return.  Both of them work in the Yukon during the summers, and come to Peru for four months during their “winter.”  We’ve enjoyed one season with them, and look forward to many more good times!


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