26 October 2010

Ok, I haven’t figured out how to move photos around in the entry to the blog.  Bear with me as I proceed.

We woke up this morning to find the pool water crystal clear and all of the black gunk on the bottom.  Doug was able to vacuum up about 3/4 of the pool before the water level was so low the suction no longer functioned.  We have called for another truck of water… hopefully it will arrive soon.  It is often a couple days after we call for water that it is actually delivered.

I was actually up at dawn this morning….I know hard to believe.  It was truly beautiful.  The sun coming up over the horizon and the fishing boats going out under sail.  It was really a sight to see.  I was up and cooking breakfast by 6:00 (no kidding) but back for a nap by 8:00! 

The mask is the one Elisabeth brought to us last night.  We didn’t see her today, but did see her boyfriend, Totino in town.  He was still on his drunken binge; wanting us to drink a beer with him.  What a sad situation.

We saw a pod of dolphins this afternoon cruising by the property.  There were  probably twenty or thirty in the group.  We also watched some Orca whales splash as they traveled south.  Each day is a new wonder.



  1. Yay, blue water! Hope you are able to swim in it soon. The mask is cool. Where are you going to display it?

    We have sunshine here today – another storm coming in though. There is enough snow on Mt. Hood that they are talking about opening a few lifts this weekend. I’m not teaching today (have taught the last 3 days) so am enjoying having some time to myself. Payton was here the last two nights as her dad was working and her mom is working in Bend until today. Maybe, since it is Halloween on Sunday, I should get the Halloween decorations out….nah…then I’d just have to put them away again. Payton turns 6 on Saturday, so we’ll be doing some birthday things this weekend as well. Can’t believe it is almost November! Enjoy your weather!

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