Thankfully these two aren’t frightening any more.  Stormy is still obsessed with the cat and follows it everywhere.  The cat, on the other hand, chooses to play…or not.  More times than not, it is the Chairman that initiates play…. as is seen as she bites Stormy’s tail.  They will then tussle and scrap back and forth.  Stormy has a very soft mouth which will sometimes grab the cat and pick her up.  When the Chairman has had enough, she will let Stormy know.  I don’t worry about the two of them together anymore.  I know the Chairman can fend for herself…and I know Stormy won’t really hurt her. 

 I slept until 1:30 this afternoon!  This is all the more surprising since I went to bed early, and was asleep by 9:00!  My sleep patterns are so unpredictable these days.  Some nights I can sleep like a baby for 8 to 9 hours and arise in the morning.  Most mornings I just laze around drifting in and out until I actually get up around 9:30 or 10:00.  Some nights I don’t get to sleep until after 3 or 4 in the morning and still get up at 9:30.  Sometimes I take a sleeping pill…which may or may not work.  When it does, I’m out for the count.  Fortunately, being doesn’t really matter when I get up.  I’d just like a more regular routine.

I did more quilting today with the machine.  I did quite a bit with the feed dogs down but the pressure foot still made it hard to move the fabric around freely.  I finally consulted the instruction manual…(isn’t this the thing we always say about men?…when all else fails, read the instruction manual?)..and sure enough, there was a different foot to put on for quilting.  Once I made the change, it was so easy to move the fabric, but a little tricky to keep the stitches even.  This new sewing machine is amazing….it threads the needle and cuts the thread when you are finished sewing.  It will also do embroidery, but I haven’t done any of that yet.

The pool is still yucky.  The water is black.  It does seem to be clearing up as we add chemicals to chelate heavy metals out of the water.  These chemicals are suppose to attract the heavy metals and settle on the bottom of the pool.  We should then be able to vacuum them up.  The water is clearing up somewhat, but it seems like a very slow process.  It is all the more frustrating because we don’t know why this happened.  And, it happened quickly.  I’m not sure what our learning curve is on this!

Yesterday, Doug invited a couple from Los Organos out to the house for lunch.  He is a Peruvian Indian and she is from Switzerland.  Totino worked in Europe for many years as an industrial precision mechanic and met Elizabeth in Switzerland.  They are now living in Los Organos.  It is a sad situation; he has been on a drunken binge for the last several days.  When they were here for lunch, he was much more interested in drinking than socializing….and he succeeded in getting quite drunk.  When they left, he wasn’t able to drive their vehicle home.  The vehicle is a motorcycle with a seating area behind…sort of a three wheeled truck?  Our friend Jay was also here and he decided he would drive their vehicle back to Los Organos with them in the back.  Mind you, Jay has never driven such a vehicle before…but he was game.  And it worked out.  He drove them home without incident and then walked the rest of the way to his house.

This evening, Elizabeth showed up with a mask she had made for us.  The mask is quite unique and will try to take pictures tomorrow.  She stayed for dinner and then I took her back to Los Organos.  She came to Peru from her home in Switzerland with Totino, as he expressed a strong desire to return to his homeland.  His return, however, has not treated him well.  There is little work here for him.  She has also not found profitable work here, although she does produce these masks.  They have little money and struggle to even get by.  It appears that whatever money they have, he squanders on alcohol.  I get the sense that she wants to leave the situation, but feels she has few options.  We too feel limited in what we can (or should even) offer.  If we give her refuge in one of bungalows…how long will that be for?  Will this give her the means to move on?  Unfortunately, this story is more common than most of us ever encounter.  In contrast, my life is a dream.


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  1. Love the Stormy and Chairman pictures!!! I’m glad you can quit worrying about them and just enjoy them! I can imagine how hilarious it is watching Chairman attack Stormy’s tail! Stormy just wanted a playmate!

    Wow, the story about Elizabeth and Totino! It makes me sad to think about what they are going through. They are lucky to have found you for someone who cares. Elizabeth must be terribly lonely.

    I just thought of a new “project” for you – author! Think of all the people you have met that you can draw upon for characters in your writing! You could be the next great novelist!!!! Your blogs are such fun to read. You and Doug would, of course, be the main characters. (As if you didn’t have enough projects of your own, without me thinking up more!!!! lol)

    Hope you get your sleep patterns down. I’ve been teaching a lot…hope get my sleep patterns down, too. I almost fell asleep while the kids were watching a Bill Nye video today!!! Guess that tells me I’d better be heading that way now….

    Take care!

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