23 October 2010

It’s a full moon tonight.  And, we are not moving!!  It seems everytime we have moved in the last year it has been a full moon.  So much so that we will probably name our home “La Casa de la Luna Llena.”  Translated this is the house of the full moon.  The reflection off of the water is so beautiful and the moon is so bright, there is no need for a flashlight during the night.

The finished hammock looks so much more inviting.  I’m really happy about being able to figure out how to make it comfortable.  I can now relax in it and enjoy the breeze across the terrace.

I finally dug out my sewing machine this afternoon.  I have been working on this quilt for some time; doing the quilting by hand since I didn’t have a set up for the machine.  It took some time to get all my information at hand, but I’m hoping I can now finish this quilt by machine.  Yes, another project.

The pool’s water is still black.  From every source we’ve been able to access, they have suggested chelating the water to remove heavy metals.  We’ve done what they’ve suggested and the water is still black.  Euww…. not very inviting.  We’ll have to just keep plugging away; or, in the worst case scenario, we’ll have to drain the pool and start again.

I have also spent quite a bit of time at the loom today.  The project on the loom are some placemats for the dining room table.  I’m a bit anxious to get them done so I can begin on the towels for the kitchen.  Ah, so many projects…so little time.



  1. I don’t know how you have so much energy to get things done. Your hammock does look inviting and your weaving sounds like fun. I know you love doing it.

    The picture of the moon and reflection is beautiful. Now you’ll probably take up photography and put in a darkroom. We’ll start seeing your photos framed and hanging in your beautiful house! =) Love how you have developed your right brain. Did you have to do anything to preserve/protect your mural? Have you gotten to play your piano much? Lois got her piano and told Ken she just wanted an hour. She’ll probably have to have it tuned but loved just getting to sit and play for a bit.

    The rains have hit here. Some are glad – I’d rather have some more sun for awhile. Things should be warming up for you. Sorry you are having trouble with the pool. We cleaned the small pool we got for the girls. Our problem isn’t black gunk – just moss! Yay for bleach. Hope you get to swim in yours soon.

    1. I really feel spoiled. Juana comes and cleans my house and leaves me free to do my thing! It is so awesome to have the time to do all those things I’ve always wanted to do but never had time… I am truly fortunate.
      I haven’t played much piano, but have played when we’ve had a group of people here. Imagine that!?! It was nice to be able to share my music. Several people have asked to come and “jam” with me…don’t know if I can do that, but we’ll see and I am willing to give it a try. One fellow in Mancora said he liked to play classical music; just needed the chords to be able to play along. Might be able to manage that.

      There really isn’t that much gunk in the water. It’s just an ugly black color. It does seem to be clearing up slowly but surely. The compound we’ve been using is suppose to chelate the heavy metals out of the water so they sink to the bottom. Then we’re supposed to be able to vacuum them up. It is improving, just slowly. Sure wish we knew why it went black on us!!

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