22 October 2010

Doug and I returned home after a couple of days in Lima.  We went to visit our good friend Paola, Maximo’s daughter, who just gave birth to a baby boy 2 weeks ago.  It was fun to see her and her boyfriend so happy and attentive to their baby.  Santiago is quite the center of attention; as most Peruvian babies are (and perhaps all babies?).   The seemed very young, very inexperienced and yet so attentive.  It will take them a while to figure out that each time Santiago cries, it isn’t because he is hungry!

While we were in Lima, we had a list of things to get.  As we shopped though, we didn’t see anything exceptional.  And the more we shopped, the more we realized a local carpenter could make us the stuff we were looking at.  He could probably do a better job, with better materials and to our specifications.  So, we got our business done with Nextel and Claro (a local cell phone company that provides internet for Doug’s computer).

We were home by noon and were so pleasantly surprised at how clean the house looked.  Juana is such a gem.  Everything was looking so nice and neither one of us felt like we had to do any chores…just settle in and enjoy.  However, we did find the water in the pool had turned black.  It truly looks gross!

After a bit of research, we found out this was due to an extremely high Ph level or metals in the water that had oxidized.  The Ph level was indeed high, so we added chemicals to bring it down.  After circulating the pool for a few hours, the Ph level was back within the normal range.  We then added chlorine to “shock” the water and hopefully bring it back to its sparkling self.  We also added some chemicals to chelate the metals present in the water.  These particles should then settle to the bottom so we can vacuum them up.  Meanwhile, it doesn’t appeal at all!

I have been contemplating the problems with the hammock.  When I first tried it out, I could lay in it; but I felt any breeze would flip me out.  The  space for my but was very narrow and I didn’t feel like my legs had any place to rest.  I had played around with the tension of the web with minimal results.  Then I thought about the chains along the sides; maybe these needed to have more tension.  This afternoon, I shortened the chains along the sides considerably and then tried it out.  Yahoo!  My but sank down into the hammock and the sides enveloped my sides.  My feet had an expanse of web to rest on.   Finally, I feel like this is a usable hammock.  I still need to trim the rope and even out the web; but I will wait until I’ve used it a few times before doing this.  It is also located in one of the breeziest spots on our property, so I couldn’t burn the ends.  I’ll have to get up early in the morning to do this; before the breeze picks up.

Oh, so glad to be home.


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