17 October 2010

After yestday’s treatment with the wax on Doug’s wound from the sting ray, he woke up the next morning and the wound was weeping profusely.  A large amount of pus and other fluids drained out of the wound.  The reddness from the infection was minimal and the tenderness was gone.  We still don’t think the spine is out.  The doctors at the clinic are prescribing anitbiotics and anti-inflamatory meds.  We still haven’t seen the spine come out and I’m inclined to believe in the folk remedy.  The more heat he can put on it to draw it out the better. 

Doug had an opportunity to lay his hands on the new baby at El Refugio.  It is so important that the new born colt  be handled.   The more he is handled the better.  We are unsure as to the quality of care these horses are given at El Refugio; it seems like they listen but there doesn’t seem to be any follow through.  Doug has suggested that the stallion be penned a further distance from the mare.  At this point, given the circumstances, it is quite likely the stallion will breed the mare again immediately.  The mare is so thin her ribs show…it seems she could use a rest from being a brood mare.

The hammock is finished.  I have left the ends hanging so that if adjustments need to be made, I can make them.  It looks good, but when you actually get into it, there is very little room to relax.  I’m thinking it will stretch and relax a bit and become more comfortable as time goes on.  Here again is the question of tension….  Time will tell; and instruct.  I’m thinking the sides need to have more tension, whereas the middle needs to have a more relaxed tension.  The knots tied at the spreader bars allow for the web of the hammock itself to shift and move; so …. I’m hoping over time, things will work out.  Ah, the  considerations of experiments.  We are constantly learning.

Our friend Jay was here yesterday and spent the better part of the day here.  We enjoyed a great BBQ chicken lunch and many hours of good conversation.  He walked out from Vichayito to see us…probably a three to four hour walk.  He really enjoys the physical exercise such a walk requires and we enjoy his company once he is here.

Tomorrow we travel to Lima via bus to visit our good friend, Paola.  She is the daughter of Maximo Laura, the tapestry artist Mandy apprenticed for.  She came to the states and stayed with us for a few months.  She has very recently, (within the last week) given birth to a baby boy.  We plan on visiting with her for  a few days, and then returning to our home in El Nuro.

Juana, Sanchez’s wife, returned today.  Sanchez is still in Piura recuperating from apendicitis surgery.   He will return at the end of the month; hopefully strong enough to  resume his duties as guardian to the property.  Georg has hired a young couple in Sanchez’s absence to act as guadian.  Alexis and his wife, Veronica, and their two year old daughter have taken up residence at Georg’s to provide security and to maintain the property in Sanchez’s absence.  They are very sweet, and consciencious.  Alexis has done a good job securing the property. 

What happens next, we don’t know.  Sanchez will not return until the 30th of the month.  He may resume his duties for Georg….or…..will Alexis continue his duties for Georg.  It will be interesting to see what happens next.


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  1. Just got back from our trip to San Francisco and had to read to catch up. Your colt and hammock look like fun. Hope Doug’s leg continues to improve. That can’t be a lot of fun for him. Enjoy your time in Lima and holding that baby. I’ll write more when you get back. Just wanted you to know that I was home and reading your blog! Love you guys!

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