14 October 2010

There is a new baby at El Refugio.  Georg’s mare had a colt at about 3 am yesterday.  Both mom and baby are doing well.

First thing this morning I finished the mural.  All the little details I wanted to put in are now done.  The only thing left is to sign it!

As I was working on the mural, a truck with Ramon and Raul as two other workers arrived to haul off construction materials that were left over after construction.   It was quite a process.  They loaded two cement mixers first, and then began loading everything else.  There were boxes of wires, tiles, electrical outlet and switch plates, pieces of wood, wheelbarrows, mattresses… you name it.  They have left behind a rather large pile of debris which we hope they will haul off shortly.

Later in the day I worked on the hammock again.  The loom we built yesterday worked really well.  I had to play around with the tension though as the first few passes seemed really tight.  Even when I stretched it, it didn’t stretch as much as I thought it should.  I loosened the tension which gave it more width.  I have the web woven, but will need to work through it again to be sure the tension is even throughout.  If all goes well, I can finish the bars across each end and begin attaching the harnesses. 

We also had another delivery of water today.  Our cystern and tanks are full and the swimming pool got some more water.  The pool level fluctuates each day; some from evaporation and some from vacuuming it.  With the wind, there is a lot of dust which settles in the pool.

Sanchez called us today to say he was back in the clinic in Piura.  He said he was fine, but still recuperating.  Juana will be back here on the 17th and Sanchez will follow when he can.  We will be so very glad to see them again.  They have been missed around here.

Meanwhile, Georg has hired a young couple to serve as guardians for the property until Sanchez can come back.  We found it interesting that they were told once Sanchez was back, we might hire them.  No mention was made that we have already hired Juana.  Our understanding was they were to clean out the shed behind Georg’s house which has been used as a storage shed.  Once it was cleaned out, they could put bunk beds in there and use it as their living quarters.  There is a small bathroom with a shower behind this building.  However, they are now living in Sanchez’s quarters.  The young man, Alexis, came down tonight to use our phone to contact Georg’s manager, Javier, because they had no water at all.  The irrigation water was used up and there was no clean water for them to drink or cook with.  We offered them a large plastic can full of potable water in the meantime.  It amazes me so how little consideration is given to hirelings.


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