13 October 2010

I only lack a tiny bit on the mural to be completely done.  I ran out of Ultramarine blue paint but needed just a tiny bit to finish.  The first hardware store we went to, didn’t have this color in anything other than a gallon container.  They wouldn’t split it up to give us just a little.  Today I went to a different hardware store and they had a small can.  I should be able to finalize the mural tomorrow. 

Meanwhile, I started another project.  It was either sewing and completing the quilt I had started or start on the hammock I have been planning for several months.  I don’t really have a place for the sewing machine; no table to work on.  So that left the hammock.  Yesterday I made the part between the ring upon which it hangs and the wooden bar to which the central part of the hammock.  I have the two bars ready for sanding and drilling of the holes these lines will travel through.  This afternoon, Doug and I built a “loom”  for the bed of the hammock.  I started to do another bed which involved knotting, but once started, I didn’t think the knots would be very comfortable to lie on.  The one I’m working on now is a looped net without knots.  I’m not really sure of the tension the web needs, and it is all by trial and error.  By tomorrow, I should be able to see how this is going to work out.

Both of us have been watching the rescue of the Chilean miners since last night.  What an incredible operation!!  First, the collapse of the mine.  Then 17 days before any contact with the outside world; surviving on what little store they had below…. a spoonful of canned tuna every other day.  Then being underground for 69-70 days and having to come to the surface in a tiny capsule.  Amazing!

Javier, the manager of El Refugio, brought a young couple out to El Nuro to act as guardians while Sanchez is gone and out of commission.  The young couple has a two year old daughter.  The reasoning we were informed of was that once Sanchez returned and could return to his duties, we might want to hire this couple.  No one commented on the fact that we have hired Juana as our housekeeper.  We won’t be hiring this young couple.  Sanchez and Juana will return on the 17th of October.  We are sure looking forward to their return!!


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