11 October 2010

The brothers who asked us to help them with the medicine their sick sister needed, came to work Saturday morning.  We had them moving some rocks and earth from the top of the retaining wall.  The wall provides a walkway along the inside of the fence at the front of our property.  The construction workers had pushed a lot of earth over the edge and it was putting enough pressure on the wall that it was beginning to crack.  The brothers worked for about 2 hours and finished what Doug had asked them to do.  The figured they had worked so hard and so fast, that even though they got the job done in such a short time, they should still be paid for a full day’s work.  We didn’t agree….they weren’t too happy and said they wouldn’t be back…Doug said fine, paid them for the fraction of the day and said adios.  I guess they really didn’t want help  that badly; or at least only wanted the money if it was free.  Now the word is out, we don’t give out free money.

Chairman Meow continues to entertain us.  Here she is trying to bite the lid of her food bin and trying to pry it off.  She acts like she is starved all the time, but you just have to pick her up to know this isn’t true! 

Then she knocks a cone of yarn off the shelf and tussles with it.  She tumbled and rolled and couldn’t quite get it to be still.  She even tried to sit on top of it but it was just a bit too big for her feet to reach on either side.  Then she’s jumping straight up over the top!  What an acrobat!

Yesterday was a really fun day.  Our friend, Carrie, has returned to Mancora to teach Yoga at one of the local hotels for the next three months.  Carrie was with us when we first went looking for land and was the first to see the land we intended to buy.  As Carrie says, “that was 1.25 years ago.”  She came out to the house yesterday morning and we had a great visit catching up.  Doug went horseback riding and came back to the house with Dr. Mariana and our friend Jay.  We spent the day around the pool and shared good food, drink and company.  Carrie decided she liked it here enough that she spent the night and asked to book a  bungalow for when her husband comes to visit in five weeks.

Today was a quiet day…I stayed out of the sun as I burnt my back yesterday.  We still had a great swim in the pool in the afternoon and a fish and shrimp soup for dinner.  It’s a hard life!


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