7 October 2010

We received a phone call from Sanchez this afternoon.  His surgery for the appendicitis went well and he is now recovering.  He and Juana will be in Piura through Sunday and then will travel to their home.  Sanchez’s parents will be celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary.  They will then return to El Nuro on the 17th of October.

Our friend, Paola, who is Maximo Laura’s daughter delivered a baby boy yesterday.  Paola stay with us for a few months after Mandy had done her internship with Maximo.  She is very close to Doug; who would get her up every morning  at 2:30 am to go feed horses.  On the mornings when Doug was gone and I would feed horses, I thought I would let her sleep in.  However, she was upset that I didn’t get her up for chores.  After returning to Lima and her family, her parents remarked that they never had to drag her out of bed in the mornings.  They saw her as more willing to engage each day; and expressed their gratitude for this change in attitude.  Paola is an only child and had been raised with all the priveledges of a semi-wealthy family.  When she lived with us, she didn’t know how to do her own laundry, or to cook day to day.  We taught her these things and helped her to be more independent.  She’s a sweatheart, and we both love her dearly.  She had asked that we be there in Lima when the baby was born….however, Santiago made his entrance into the world a few days earlier than expected.  We will travel to see her and her baby in a couple of weeks, when Sanchez is back on the job and there is security for the property here.

More progress was made on the mural today.  I need to finish with the whale and touch up a couple of things and it will be done.  It has been great fun to do; and the whimsical aspect of it has been great.  The roof over the entryway will arrive shortly.  The carpenter who is assembling the roof had an accident in his workshop, so the delivery has been put off for a week or so. 

Our friend Carrie, who we met last year when we were looking for property is back in Mancora.  She is a yoga instructor and travels all over the world providing yoga instruction at various hotels for periods up to three months.  She was a part of our initial purchase of the property here.  She will come out on Sunday…to see the project completed.   She will be the yoga instructor for Samana Chakra, a hotel in Mancora, for the next three months.  Her husband is a coffee grader; he travels the world grading coffee.  He should be here next week as well…. we are looking forward to meeting him.


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  1. Glad Sanchez is doing well and that Paola had a healthy baby. Our niece and nephew just had a baby girl this week, so it will be fun to know how Santiago is doing through Annika!

    Can’t wait to see your mural. Love getting to see the pictures on this site…Much better than the other site for it. It is also easier to respond to you through it! Live and learn, huh?

    The new roof? Does it protect the mural or is it in another place? How is the ph in the pool? Did you get it all straightened out and are you back to your laps? The weather is getting cooler here so it should be warming up down there. Are you putting a garden area in yet? I can see you (and Doug) planting all kinds of things.

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