3 October 2010

Today was election day throughout Peru.  Citizens were voting for their local mayors.  There have been several political rallies leading up to today with marches in the streets, gatherings in the town square, cars with loudspeakers mounted on top blaring political messages, and all manner of vehicles displaying banners and posters.  When we arrived into town this morning, things seemed to be rather quiet, but not unusually so.  If we didn’t know it was an election day, we would not of known anything special was happening.

Since Sanchez has been so sick, Juana did not travel home to vote.  She will be subject to a fine, as will anyone who didn’t vote, but either Georg or I will take care of this for her.  It’s unfortunate that there are no excuses for being absent from your home town on election day.  Sanchez is still a bit under the weather; he says his whole body is sore from vomiting so much.

Georg and his family are in Vichayito at their hotel.  They plan on coming out to El Ñuro for a couple of days early in the week.  Each of the kids brought friends for the week.

Again today, I worked on the mural for much of the afternoon.  I am now two thirds completed with the background of the mural and then I can complete the other components.  I´m thinking I could finish it in the next week. Stormy now has some blue spots as she insisted on being between me and the wall while I was painting!   

I´ve gotten a lot of comments on the mural which boosts my ego.  Doug and I were talking about my ¨talents¨ the other day.  When we first met, I was teaching elementary school and was known as a left brain thinker.  I truly didn´t believe I had any artistic talent.  Thankfully my colleagues introduced me to various forms of art and I have worked at practicing ever since.

The pool water has gotten out of balance in the last few days.  Last night I tested the water for Chlorine and for Ph.  I read the scale wrong and ended up adding soda ash instead of acid.  Oops!  We´ve been trying to balance it out today and are close, but the water is still cloudy.  We still have a lot to learn about managing a pool.  And, true to form, we didn´t start small; we just went for the huge lap pool!

Chairman Meow continues to entertain us with her endless antics.  She played with an empty toilet paper roll for close to an hour yesterday, and then again this afternoon for another 45 minutes.  One of her favorite tricks is to pounce on your foot or leg as you go buy.  She also likes to pounce on my foot while I sit at my desk blogging.  She doesn´t extend her claws in these attacks, but will sometimes bite!  Ouch!  Stormy still has her eagle eyes glued to the Chairman, but she has only lunged at the cat once today.  Little by little we gain peace.

Many moons ago, we had a washing machine sent from Lima.  It traveled from Lima to Chiclayo, and then from Chiclayo to El Nuro.  Koki received the shipment in Chiclayo and then added the items shipped from Lima to a load he had going to El Nuro.  Somewhere in the transit, the machine must have been dropped.  When we opened the box, we discovered there was considerable damage to the machine.  Certainly the exterior case was bent out of shape.  It has been sitting for about three months; while various people have tried to figure out who was at fault, and who would provide restitution.  Nothing seems to be happening on that front, so I convinced Doug to take it into town to a guy that works on appliances.  Hopefully he can get it functional at the very least.  Meanwhile, we’ve been paying a local laundry $15 to $20 a week.  I’m looking forward to being independent of the town laundry service!


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